Summer Solstice Event Details

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Quest 1:1 “Giovanni’s Rockhenge I of IV”

The reward is 1 Golden Vault Padlock

  1. Send Magnus to the Ancient Watchtower (1 time)
  2. Find Sun Maps (6 times) (found at Gateway of Luck)
  3. Harvest Copper Mine (3 times) (2 every 1.5 hr, requires 1 axe to restart)

Quest 1:2 “Giovanni’s Rockhenge II of IV”

The reward is 1 Silver Vault Hinge

  1. Find Sun Dials (2 times) (found at Dragon Ruin)
  2. Fully tend Sun Spotters (3 times) (requires 5 sun maps each time)
  3. Craft Copper Shades (3 times) (craft at Gadget Shoppe) (2 Copper Ore, 1 Opal --25 min)

Quest 1:3 “Giovanni’s Rockhenge III of IV”

The reward is 1 2X Boost at the Alchemist

  1. Find Twine (4 times) (drops from tending sheep)
  2. Fully Carve Limestone Boulders into Round or Square Limestones (3 times) (Requires 3 Copper Picks each)
  3. Craft Copper Gauntlets (5 times) (craft at Woodshop) ( 2 Copper Ore, 2 Plain Gloves -- 20 min each)

Quest 1:4 “Giovanni’s Rockhenge IV of IV”

The reward is a Mystery Prize

  1. Find Rune Stamps ( found at Mt. Cinder) (5 times)
  2. Fully Carve Round or Square Limestones (7 times) (Requires 4 Copper Picks each) (must carve Limestone Boulders to get Round or Square Limestones)
  3. Craft Copper Magnifying Glasses (2 times) (5 Copper Ore, 3 Logs, 1 Iridescent Scale -- 15 min)

Chapter 2 is as follows:

Quest 2:1 “Get Some Stones I of IV

  1. Craft Stone Mason Kits
  2. Carve on the Construction Stone
  3. Send Giovanni to the Gateway of Luck

Quest 2:2 “Get Some Stones II of IV

  1. Craft Lava Hammers
  2. Fully Prepare Vertical/Horizontal Stones or Quick Drying Cement
  3. Send Magnus to the Dragon’s Clutch

Quest 2:3 “Get Some Stones III of IV

  1. Collect Blueberry Spritzers
  2. Fully Prepare Vertical/Horizontal Stones or Quick Drying Cement
  3. Craft Solstice Party Packs

Quest 2:4 “Get Some Stones IV of IV

  1. Craft Solstice Platters
  2. Dance at the May Pole
  3. Send Yvette and Rafael to the Friendship Arena

Chapter 3 is as follows:

Quest 3:1 “Runes to Carve I of IV”

  1. Collect Enchanted Chisels
  2. Craft Copper Hammers
  3. Read Runic Notebooks

Quest 3:2 “Runes to Carve II of IV”

  1. Completely Read Runic Notebooks
  2. Collect Tokens of the Sun
  3. Carve Runes

Quest 3:3 “Runes to Carve III of IV”

  1. Send Giovanni to the Well of Wishes
  2. Craft Suncatchers
  3. Carve more Runes

Quest 3:4 “Runes to Carve IV of IV”

  1. Collect Phoenix Flames
  2. Craft Solstice Robes
  3. Finish Carving all the Runes

In Addition to these quests there also bonus quests that appear in your quest log every week. The bonus quests reward you for the progress you have made and offer extra rewards for diving deeper into the story.

Enjoy the game adventurer!