Special items can't be made. They can only be obtained from places of legend, Glurb the troll, or sea trading.

Where to find special items
Special Item Price Found At
Diamond 4000 Crystal Citadel
Emerald 1600 Dragon Ruin, Friendship Arena, Pirate Wreck (Note: Clover @ select PoL's, 100%)
Enchanted Amber 970 Butterfly Oracle, Flower Tower, Kraken Cave
Everlasting Bubbles 2000 Fairy Falls, Kraken Cave, Crystal Henge
Forest Charm 56 Ancient Watchtower, Well of Wishes, Friendship Arena, Fairy Falls, Swamp Totem
Frozen Rune 8200 Yeti Cave
Iridescent Scale 1900 Friendship Arena, Pirate Wreck, Frost Owl Spire, Swamp Totem
Jade Clover 290 Gateway of Luck, Dragon's Clutch, Butterfly Oracle, Flower Tower
Kraken Fang 3800 Kraken Cave, Pirate Wreck
Mandrake Root 3800 Swamp Totem, Elemental Nexus, Crystal Citadel
Midas Glove 280 Gateway of Luck, Dragon Ruin, Dragon's Clutch, Yeti Cave
Prismatic Lily 4000 Crystal Henge
Ruby 4800 Pirate Wreck
Silver Wire 1300 Dragon's Clutch, Butterfly Oracle, Yeti Cave
Spellbound Orchid 1800 Flower Tower, Crystal Henge
Spirit Mushroom 3200 Elemental Nexus, Crystal Citadel
Star Sapphire 5300 Frost Owl Spire
Stardust 1000 Well of Wishes, Fairy Falls, Elemental Nexus, Frost Owl Spire
Obsidian Shard 3144 Mount Cinder
Mystic Orb 6287 Mount Cinder