The first caravan shop available in the game. Available from the start in the Castle Forest / Rampant Forest realm. Generally allows you to sell Harvestables, items gained from exploration, and craftables created in the Trail Kitchen, Workshop, and Dairy Barn.

Items that can be sold at Myra's Forest Caravan:

Apples      1

Picture Item Sellable at Level Sale Price XP
Apples 1 1 1
Arrow 3 50 1
Cheese Omelet
Fiery Cheddar Cheese
Trail Blazing Bar
Fire Blossom Lantern
Firefox Lantern
Goat Cheese
Herbed Goat Cheese
Squash Soup
Herbed Cheddar
Saffron Carrot Soup
Wooden Spy Glass
Stardust Lantern
Golden Apple
Carrot Oat Bar
Ice Sled
Enchanted Ice Sled
Backwood Scrambles
Trail Snack