Glurb the Cave Troll, will offer players Special Items in exchange for food. He will wait up to eight hours for you to gather the food he wants, which must be hoarded until the trade is executed. After the trade, or when the time expires, or when players manually request a new offer, Glurb will troll for more goodies to exchange. He'll soon be back, exactly two hours after he resumes his search.

Glurb always asks for some quantity of two or three different food items. Sometimes his appetite is small, sometimes it's moderate, and sometimes it's ravenous.

When his appetite is small, he will offer 3 of one particular item from the Special Items list, so long as the player is a high enough level to obtain, plus 150 XP.

If it is moderate, he will offer 4 of the item and 200 XP.

If he is ravenous, he offers 5 and 250 XP.

Players can't make Special Items, only obtain them by chance at location adventures, so players might consider trading with Glurb.

Players must carefully manage their inventory and upgrading storage helps. At times, especially when he is ravenous or the item he is offering is not very useful, players can choose to let him go hungry.