Construction Edit

Level Requirement: Level 16.

Cost:  First one ? gold, 30 crowns per additional one.

Time to Build: 

Item Crafting Edit

In the table below, value added is sale price minus sale price of all requirements.

Item Resourses Needed Time to Craft Level Price XP Val add
Ember Cleanser

5 Basilisk Tears

6 Mystical Orb

Brass Gears 2 Brass Ingots 4m
Brass Weights 1 Brass Ingots 45m
Lava Hammer

2 Brass Ingots

3 Logs

Toy Dragon

2 Brass Gears

2 Basilisk Scale

Toy Fairy

1 Brass Gears

1 Opal

1h 30m
Toy Sheep

1 Brass Gears

1 Wool

Toy Phoenix

1 Brass Gears

1 Phoenix Feather

5h 1576 60
Phoenix Quill Pen

1 Brass Ingot

1 Phoenix Feather