Cupid has come to your kingdom and made a mess of things.

"Heehee, my Arrow of Love struck Yvette with a love spell! Give me what I want if you wish to set things right in your kingdom."

Where to find itemsEdit

Cocoa, Heart Charms and Violets can be found by sending Cupid to explore at places of legend.

Love Potions can be found by providing milk to Cupid's cloud.

Forest Charms, Emeralds, Lucky Charms, and Midas gloves can be found by sending your heroes to places of legend.

Love Spell ProgressEdit

Item Requires Rewards
4 Love Potion Chocolate Love Potion, Cocoa, Milk See below
3 Chocolate Blueberry Clusters Cocoa, Blueberry See below
3 Charmed Arrows Love Potion, Arrows, Forest Charm5000 coins
5 Opal Heart Charms Love potion, Opal, Heart CharmSee below
6 Lucky Heart CharmsLucky Clover, Love Potion, Heart Charm See below
5 Golden Arrows Arrows, Midas Glove, Love Potion Lovestruck Chicken Patch
3 Wild Violet Garland Wild Violets, Wool See below
8 Wild Violets Love Cookies Love Potion, Wild Violets, Butter See below
7 Emerald-tipped Arrows Love potion, Arrows, Emerald Swiftwing Pegasus